Libertarians & Independents

Got a few beliefs that divert from “traditional conservatism”? Whoop-di-fucking-do. So do I. In the Republican party as it exists now, we allow for diversity of thought, differences of opinion, and we encourage competing ideas.

Not checking off all the boxes on your list of preconceived notions of what a Republican is doesn’t mean there’s no place for you in the party, or that you can’t carve one out.

Quit kidding yourselves and just sign up with the GOP already.

Exercise your free speech, declare your views, and with any that diverge from “traditional” GOP positions (e.g. gay marriage, pot legalization, pro choice, etc.), use them to distinguish yourself as a Republican who exists in defiance of the stereotypes put on your party.

Be a Republican with these views, set the example, and help me continue to reshape, redefine, and expand what the GOP stands for.

It’s a fuck of a lot better use of your time than trying to make a useless party of failure (Libertarian) into a useful conduit for the will of the people. Can’t be that when it never wins anything, when it can’t even make a dent on the state level, nevermind nationally.

Instead of that, think about joining a party that actually matters, and bring what matters to you to the table as a member of it, force it to incorporate or coexist peaceably with the likes if you. That’s how you effect real change; pragmatism, effective policies, tangible results.

Everything you believe in as an Independent or fight for as a Libertarian, you can believe and fight for as a Republican. Fact.