Our Movement Is Making Noise This Nation Truly Needs

Some people even on our own end of the political spectrum, sometimes especially ours, get really pissy about the noise and chaos of the Trump era, all the controversy and conflict the Presidents style and tactics generate… and I just don’t get it. I live for this shit. So does Trump himself by the looks of it, otherwise he prbly would’ve dropped out within a month of announcing his candidacy all the way back in ’15.

And listen, I get it if modern politics is too abrasive for you, too rough and tumble, if it’s too much of a strain on your delicate sensibilities, but here’s the thing: this is how you win. So to weak kneed Republicans out there in the mold of Romney, Bush, Kristol, or others of the like…

Get with it or get out of the way; you can try fighting us if you want to, bolstering Democrat efforts to undermine our party all along the way, but I would remind you that it’s us who aren’t afraid to make some noise and we’re the ones who know how to win. It’s the very thing you hate about us. That’s what you’re fighting with. As the last few years should have clearly demonstrated.

(Beastie Boys – Make Some Noise)

We love to fight, you hate it because you suck at it, so against us… you’re going to lose. Every time. And to any “neverTrumper” reading this who wants to step up and see if I can back up what I just said, feel free – the comments section is wide open.

3 thoughts on “Our Movement Is Making Noise This Nation Truly Needs

  1. I´m with you, but having my life experiences with fights….. I´ll try not to recommend it, the physical fights that is. Yet on the flipside there is a time and place that you can´t rationalize with the left and have to get physical. Again not recommend it but sometimes necessary.
    I like the name “Modern Republican”, here in Spain we already lost, but not there in the U.S I hope. Keep up your fights (try not being physical but I can´t preach about that since I am physical, at least I try to semi preach or whatever it comes out) I had this video, I enjoyed the music, does pump you up but I have already done worst than street fighting having been in the Spanish Legion, I guess my point is that sometimes not all you have no recourse than to fight fire with fire. And It has to be overwhelming on your part that´s for sure, no half´s, either you go 100 and 50% or might as well not even go.

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