Haphazard Expressions

This site is about to get a lot more content, and it’s going to be messy, but I have a tendency to keep adding to a post after I start writing it, and I get caught up in the perfectionists trap, putting in more effort than is really necessary on what does end up getting published, and ending up with a pile of stuff that’s probably fine it’s it’s in a pile of drafts cuz it’s not quite right yet, it needs tweaked a little bit more, the timing is off, public events will make it more relevant in a few days or weeks…

There’s always a reason, always an excuse, bottom line is I’m procrastinating on throwing my views out there to the world as frequently, heavily, and comprehensively as I would like.

Perfectionism isn’t really the intention here, and it’s killed the amount of posts published vs. what I’d originally aimed for. A lot of life-changing shit has happened for me in the last few years too, but the culture war hasn’t stopped. In fact if anything it’s ramped up in the last few months.

Given that reality, I kind of feel like I need to be stepping it up a little bit and shooting my mouth off way more consistently. So if you want to see what the perspective of a modern Republican looks like, what my reaction from that standpoint is to the PR battles, street scuffles, and all the rest… sign up and stay tuned.

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