Trump’s Discredited Accusers Won’t Protect Biden From Tara Reade Or Any Of His Other Victims

Just to make it clear to those who haven’t figured it out yet, none of us Trump supporters are afraid to go after Joe Biden for the sexual assault allegations. You think we’re scared cuz of allegations against Trump?

If so you’re in for a brutally rude awakening; I can go through the whole list of Trump accusers one by one if you want, explaining with each individual accusation the breakdown of why it’s horse shit, not credible. And before you bring up how many there are on Trump, let’s not forget Tara Reade is Biden’s 8th accuser, she’s not the first.

They’re on even footing when it comes to sheer number, the pile on tactic is in play in both cases, so you have to look at each individual accusation leveled at them and judge their credibility one by one – this is why attacking Joe Biden from this angle just doesn’t intimidate us.

When you look at the details and facts associated with each set of accusations, none of it actually makes Trump look bad. At all.

If anything it makes him look more innocent: one of the allegations against him was from a woman who claimed he had groped her at a concert that never took place, in a state he was verifiably not in at the time. That’s one of the more blatantly false accusations, but none of the rest hold up much better.

Biden on the other hand… well, if we were to go by the Democrat standards as they’ve attempted with people like Kavanaugh and Trump, he should never have entered the race. The accusations were around before he announced candidacy.

He announced anyways of course, refusing to let double standards stop him, but he’s not going to sidestep his way around this shit. We won’t let him; neither will his accusers.

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