Is Covid-19 Being Used As Cover For Power Grabs?

Yes, imo, but it’s not a question of whether the government is doing it or not, it’s a question of which governments are doing it and which aren’t. I’d say the main threats to our rights come from local and state governments – what’s more, mostly it’s Democrats acting like they’re ruling over their own little fiefdoms.

There ARE potential problems coming from the DOJ regarding our rights, but everytime that becomes an issue (e.g. Jeff Sessions wanted to restart drug war) Trump gets involved and either hampers or outright stops the moves they make; he very much IS the safegaurd I thought I was voting for in 2016.

Have yet to be truly disappointed by him on any level so far during his presidency, especially on things like this, so I kind of doubt he’s going to start fucking up now. Barr works for him, not the other way around, Sessions found that out, and push comes to shove so will William Barr.

And just imagine if Hillary Clinton had been president during this.

The behavior of several cities and states, infringing on individual rights, would be going on federally, across the country, and we would probably be at the beginning of a years-long lockdown – assuming she listened to “experts” on timeline projections, and she would have cuz most of what she knows how to do is paying people to tell her what to say.

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