So What’s My Crow Look Like & How Much Do I Have To Eat Re: The 2020 Election?

On April 25th, 2019 I said, verbatim, “So far I’m liking where we’re sitting for the 2020 race, Trump’s gonna fucking stomp these guys. And I hope I can help.” Was I wrong? Did we lose? Was 75 million, 10 million more than last time, not enough? If the answer is yes then I’ve got enough crow to chow down on for a lifetime.

If you believe Joe Biden legitimately won 81+ million votes you probably think I have enough to choke on. Enough to have damaged my credibility (outward), maybe even my confidence (inward).

Sadly for those hoping I share that belief, who might be looking to gloat… the DNC in various states and multiple levels of government (city, county, statewide, federal), the Chinese government, American oligarchs (e.g. Zuckerberg, Dorsey, Google, Bezos, Gates, Bloomberg), Smartmatic, Dominion Voting Systems, and Joe Biden himself stole that away when they stole the 2020 election.

So did the decisions of our corrupted, compromised courts, thousands and thousands of signed affidavits attesting to various forms of voter and election fraud at every stage of the voting process, several USPS whistleblowers attesting to illegally backdated ballots and trucks full of ballots brought into one state from another (e.g. NY to PA, illegal in itself) months before election day, raw data of the hacking and vote “adjudications” in real time on election day from multiple foreign powers (China foremost among them) cited by Mike Lindell, Lin Wood, Sydney Powell, as the vote switching “glitches” that coincidentally happened in various states, and reliably shifted votes away from Republicans to Democrats when and where they were noticed and called out (not all of them were) would seem to corroborate.

When put in perspective the crow shrinks, big league. Not even enough to fill a plate. That said, I’m going to do something Democrats never genuinely did after 2016. I’m going to acknowledge what I was wrong about, and I’m going to do it openly. I was wrong in believing the warring we did with RINO’s in the GOP was sufficient, that we had the upper hand and they had enough to gain with a 2nd Trump term that 4 more years of what they disliked was a worthwhile trade off. Thought there was a working relationship. Not ideal, but manageable.

I was dead wrong. Mandarin Mitch McConnell and every other Republican in the Senate fucked us when it counted, even the ones who began January 6th with objections. Who among them was still objecting by the end of the day?

RINO’s have substantial sway in a number of state governments (e.g. GA, AZ, NV) but the bulk of their power rests in the Senate. That’s where a lot of the America 1st agenda was stonewalled and stunted in the first two years of Trump’s presidencies. We got Paul Ryan’s scalp, among others, but most of the ground patriots and libertarians gained was in the House of Representatives. Our grassroots campaign to reclaim the power of the GOP as a political party for we the people not only needs to continue, it needs to ramp the fuck up, intensify.

The next 2 years will be all out war against the RINO’s in our party and in 2022 we can reassess based on how much progress we make in replacing them with America 1st candidates.

If we can absolutely dominate the party maybe we can turn our attention to gearing up for the 2024 run against Democrats. If not though, we need to ensure we dominate the party so if Trump does win a second term in 2024 he won’t have dozens of knives at his back with every move he makes again.

That’s my crow right there: should have burned down the GOP until there were no more RINO’s left, got the job done before we set our sights primarily on Democrats. The opposition from within our own party was far more detrimental than I had imagined it could be after the ground we’d gained in 2017 and 18.

Fool me once, shame on me, fool me twice and… well, you’re about to find out over the next two years. If you thought the last 5 or so years were tumultuous buckle up. Y’all ain’t seen shit yet.

Everything loonies on the left blame Trump for is about to get a whole lot worse cuz the only real shit they ever had legit gripe with comes from the party they side with every election day. In fact for those paying attention it’s already well underway. Have you checked your local gas prices recently? Have you seen any of the suppressed coverage of riots continuing in Democratic strongholds across the country, especially Portland?

I have and… I told you do.

11 thoughts on “So What’s My Crow Look Like & How Much Do I Have To Eat Re: The 2020 Election?

  1. Elections are NOT going to help if they are all fraudulent.
    The time is coming I’m afraid for the blood of tyrants to water
    the tree of liberty. There really is no other way.

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    1. I’m still hoping between the efforts of we the people and Trump himself to expose what happened in 2020 (stop the steal) was enough to make a difference even if we didn’t manage to stop them from cementing the theft. We came damn close and barring the “riot” excuse GOP senators used to renege on objections evidence of what happened all across the country would have started pouring into the congressional proceedings. Whether they ended up throwing the results out of disputed States or giving them to Trump wouldn’t matter after that, there was enough there to at least say the outcome could not be determined, even if politically they didn’t want to give it to Trump. Contested election still would’ve landed us that 2nd term.

      And part of the reason I voted for Trump in the first place was his reputation for getting even, retaliating, I’m willing to let it play out, see what happens in 2022 and 2024. If we can’t hinder or eliminate their ability to rape our elections at will by then… well, guess that’ll be confirmation our voting rights as Americans have effectively been nullified. What’s the difference between that and being ruled by King I have no ability to vote out of power. None that I can see lol so…

      Guess we’ll see.

      When a sustained pattern of election fraud being talked about by millions of people, repeated in the Georgia runoff during the ballot counting process happens again in about a year, and more people are talking about it and maybe taking action to remove gop sellouts on county/state/federal… Maybe by 2024 we won’t see so much fraud but that hinges on removing certain RINO’s by then, addressing election laws broken state by state in 2020 through courts (lol???) and info dissemination (we are all the press), tightening up and fixing laws that were abused through technicality (enabling legal cover for fraud, should any occur), and setting the stage for a Trump scorched/remade DOJ and FBI should he get back in. I’m hoping if we could pull that off he’d fire everybody this time, political pushback be damned. Then we could see prosecution’s for the spying conducted against American citizens on the Trump campaign in 2016 and beyond + plenty of other criminality among DC elites.

      It’s not ideal, even then it would continue to be a slog every inch of the way, bet better than the alternative if at all still possible.

      I’m going to be advocating for people turn out like never before in both upcoming elections (midterms & presidential). Win or lose that’s the only way we can spot a cheating because imo that’s the only way we can force them to go big or go home like we did in 2020. I think Trump knew that, to me it was probably why even though he kept saying they were going to cheat he also kept saying turnout was all-important no matter how much they might cheat; imo so is public awareness and public pressure for accountability if they overcome turnout with fraud successfully (e.g. Biden sworn in, January 20th). Even if what happens isn’t immediate, in the form of a second Trump term something has to happen or, well, somethimg worse will happen.

      Long winded way of saying the same thing you did I guess lol but, I would recommend looking into a guy by the name of Jovan Hutton Pulitzer if you haven’t heard of him. He’s a big part of the reason there are full audits being conducted in Georgia and Arizona on the bases of “irregularities” and “errors” in the 2020 presidential election conducted in each state. If those exposed what we think it’s going to expose other states will have to audit too, and may move to follow suit anyways before GA & AZ audits conclude. I would also recommend looking into the lawsuits Dominion history at Sidney Powell, Rudy Giuliani, and others, there’s a lot to look into past the surface level nonsense. Dominion is NOT positioned for a win imo. And Mike Lindell is making noise, still, so I’m trying to keep an eye on that too.

      Lots going on atm.


      1. Thank you, sir; for a very detailed answer. Frankly, I wish I shared your optimism about restoring fair elections in this country. I will of course continue to vote for President Trump and every person who runs for office to oppose the current tyranny. But I don’t expect it to make a bit of difference. They CONTROL the elections now. Its just too damn later. All we really can do now is hunker down, arm ourselves and wait for the worst.

        My Southern ancestors KNEW how to handle this. They started raising an Army and they seceded. It doesn’t look like a bad idea to me.

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