CNN: Prosecutors Charge Trump Organization…

Writers at CNN, July 1st

All told, the indictment alleges, Weisselberg evaded taxes on $1.76 million in income over a period beginning in 2005 and concealed for years that he was a resident of NY City, thereby avoiding paying city income taxes. Prosecutors alleged he evaded a total of more than $900,000 in federal, state and city taxes during this period, and received a total of $133,124 in state tax refunds ‘which he was not entitled.’

So let me get this straight… since 2005 until pretty much present day, this guy may not have paid roughly $900,000 on 1.76 mill., meaning his alleged crime is that he didn’t pay a 52 percent tax rate!? I wasn’t aware the law required him to. And even if it does, seems like a pretty fucking criminal law, gives true meaning to the expression ‘taxation is theft’…

Snowflakes are all excited 😂, one of them on Facebook said it was good news, so I asked… “you mean like Manafort getting charged? Or Michael Cohen claiming he was going to flip on Trump, but then having nothing? Or maybe you mean like Roger Stone, who was raided, arrested, and who never HAD anything to flip on Trump with. Someone please tell me, why do ANY lefties think THIS is going to play out any differently?”

It’s a witch hunt.

There’s no crime to prosecute.

Pretending like what amounts to a small clerical error (or a slight fudge) is somehow the crime of the century or that it could somehow bring down Donald Trump himself 😂 gimme a break.

It’s pretty clear they’re seeking leverage over Trump, but it’s beyond him now.

We’re not going to shut up about election fraud until we get our Audits in every disputed State, and then some. And if we don’t get them, the unanswered questions they would have resolved will remain unanswered and fester.

What do you think happens when a) people want a change in how the gov is operating, b) voting is the way to change it without violence, and c) voting rights have effectively been nullified…?

Add a + b + c.

Maybe they’d go after him less if they realized, going after Trump won’t save Joe Biden from the American people they stole it from, nor will it protect any of the others who helped steal the election. Anything they do to him now, that’s just going to make it worse when all this shit starts catching up with ’em…

Then again, the new budget for “domestic terrorism” the DOJ is touting coupled with the creepy as fuck encouragement from Facebook to most users about exposure to extremism and snitching on friends and family might just show that the Democrats are realizing, can’t stop what’s coming by stopping Trump. It’s too late for that.

He was the spark. We are the fire.

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We are the press.✌🐸

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