#QAnons Aren’t Your Enemies – Don’t Help Democrats & RINO’s Peddle Smears

I may not exactly be into Q as much as the actual anons who follow closely and believe it all but I’m aware of it and don’t have anything against people who want to believe. I’m a skeptic by nature, but I’m failing to see how anything about QAnons hurt our movement.

That’s a lie being pushed by Democrats and RINO’s right now about them, and sure some of them might be a little out there but they all have the right to believe what they want, a lot of them have good reasons to believe what they do even if they may have reached what you consider to be incorrect conclusions.

Imo none of what they’re into prevents them from engaging in activism or getting out to vote; they didn’t cost us ANYTHING on Election Day – wish people would quit acting like they did.

And if you think “well they make us look crazy to other people” a) those people have minds of their own and they need to start using them, b) the playing field is level, if you’re worried about looking like a nutter or somebody calls you crazy just remember they’re the ones who still to this day push the debunked Russia hoax.

They’re the ones who accused US of believing they’re all part of a satanic death cult 😂, they’re the ones who think Trump is the new Hitler (that’s Biden); they’re the ones who believe the 45th president actually told people to inject bleach into their arms to treat covid, they’re the ones who to this day won’t stop hiding/tripping from a bad flu.

When someone calls you crazy, whether you care should maybe depend on how crazy THEY are. I.e. if a Democrat calls you crazy, just laugh in their face. 😜👌

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