Time To Wake Up

Nice little PSA from Midnight Rider Nihang, who appears to be a QAnon enthusiast, September 19th

Supposedly a “McAfee drop”, idk about that but the messaging is on point, regardless of who may or may not have produced and shared it…

And one point of correction: we don’t “bully” the other side when we win elections, at least not these days, not the Republican party I’m a part of; RINO’s like Bush do but they’re not even Republicans, they just sport that party label so the agenda pursued by Democrats is ultimately one both sides seem to share. Operative word: seem.

They make us look bad, which Democrats like, and say get rich, which they like, nothing in it for us as voters to support either end of that bullshit though, that’s why we went for Trump when he waltzed into the presidential election of 2016 and gave us an alternative.

I don’t like the false equivalence, gives cover to bad actors by spreading blame for their actions and behavior to people who don’t engage in it. Lol other than that…

Wakey wakey.

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