Lolberals Screech About Election Interference After They Proclaimed It Impossible In 2020

Styx re: the losses Democrats are expecting in upcoming elections, February 9th

Watch for them to prop up and low key invest in sold out Republicans; where they’re afraid they will lose races they will hedge their bets and shift the their processes of election theft to benefit the Republican(s) they like best…

Corrupt RINO’s are happy to take a sure thing over trying to beat Democrats honestly for the right reasons at the risk of losing, especially since most of the corrupt pricks in question know there’s Democrat driven cheating and they cover for it. Look at Glenn Youngkin.

Seems alright on the surface, says the right things, supports the right policies… but at what risk? Sold out Republicans love the Biden regime cuz they can a) virtue signal about it to their base but b) throw up their hands in feigned exasperation, ‘shucks, nothing I can do right now, vote more GOP in next time’.

Fuck that noise. To hell with Marsha Blackburn, Dan Crenshaw, Lisa Murkowski, Mitch McConnell, and the rest. They’re con artists, grifters.

Mike Pence looked alright on paper to Republican voters too, on the surface – how did that turn out though? Stay on point, trust none of them, even the ones you like. E.g. DeSantis is the golden boy atm but look… his political stance, with HIS voter base, carries ZERO risk.

Taking the obvious position, no mask bs, no vaccine mandates, ensure alternative treatments are available, harass social media companies for the civil rights violations they’re continuously engaging… all sounds good, but his path was laid FOR him and I reserve judgment until I see him facing legit adversity like Gaetz or Greene.

I’d recommend folks in Florida and across the country to the same, especially since so many of you like him. Like and support him all you want but always be willing to reassess, to check your premises, to call him out and hold his feet to the fire. I liked Karen Fann…

Until I didn’t.

Biggest threat in 2022 isn’t necessarily going to be from Democrats, it’s going to be the RINO’s they decide to back… city by city, district by district, state by state… all across the country.

That’s who they’ll cheat for in the midterms imo. Democrats done shit the bed so bad even their own voter base is picking up on the stink, they aren’t going to have enough real voters to pad and juice to win this next time around. Biden took it to the limit and if they keep it up… well frankly, people will revolt.

Plus wherever GOP wins they use it to say “see!!! how can we be cheating if Republicans win races”.

As if scum like Cheney and Romney are actually Republicans. Youngkin and DeSantis might be fine but don’t ever take it for granted. May seem that way on the surface but time will be the judge and circumstances will put it to the test as we press forward. Think of how many of the RINO’s, now exposed, were thought to be representative of your values as a Republican, once upon a time.

The “R” next to their name doesn’t determine affiliation, we the people as voters do – if we say they’re out of line they’re out of line.

GOP is what we the people say it is, not what sold out shit bags like Jim Patterson (CA assemblyman) or Kevin McCarthy (House Rep., minority leader) say it is and 2024 depends on sending that message loud and clear in 2022.

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