Australia Is Now A Medical Police State

Monica Smit (Reignite Democracy) joins Alex Newman to discuss the full blown fascism continuing to ramp up and spread across Australia, January 31st


“The tyranny that has enveloped Australia is intensifying, especially when it comes to trying to forcing people to take the injection.

Authorities are pushing the controversial “vaccines” even on children, who are now allowed to consent to the shots without permission from their parents starting at the age of 12.

Meanwhile, those who refuse the shot are being locked in their homes and denied even medical care. Going to stores requires a “QR” code so government can track everyone.

And massive COVID camps, presumably for unvaxxed citizens, are being erected across the nation.

But people are rising up against it, with enormous protests and resistance to the madness; according to Smit, Australia has one of the most massive freedom movements relative to population size of any place in the world.”

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