Destroy All Sellouts

A few sentiments I believe need to permeate the fabric of the GOP from the bottom up, that I believe we the people need to broadcast loud and clear, continuously, until RINOs have no more leverage over us…

Any Republican who’s NOT going scorched earth re: election fraud is a RINO or a chickenshit and I want no part of either. #PatriotParty 🇺🇸

I’m not interested in a Republican comeback in 2022 unless election fraud is front and center. Truth matters. #DestroyAllSellouts ✌🐸 #MAGA

Agree with these remarks? Be sure to share them around, Democrats and normies need to know who we stand against and why so they can’t lump us in with the McConnell’s and McCain’s and Cheney’s of the world.

They need to see undeniably that we are at WAR with the RINOs and are not fucking around anymore, we’re not trying to work with them, this is scorched-earth shit now. 💣🔥

Feel the same? Spread the word.

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