CannCon: Dominion Machine Hacked, Live

CannCon (Cannabis Conservative) re: revelations as of May 4th


“Joined tonight by Bill Bailey, Patrick Colbeck, Liz Harris, Ken Eyring of NH, BeHizy, Doug TeNapel, Nick Moseder…”

Dominion voting machines examined and tested in Antrim, Michigan as part of a lawsuit that was finally dismissed after six months led to the exposure of earth shattering evidence of machine rigging, ballot stuffing, vote switching, doctored records and receipts, altered databases…

Up until May 18th Judge Elsenheimer had reluctantly allowed the lawsuit to move forward every time it was challenged.

The law – and the sloppiness of the crimes committed – combined with Bill Bailey and Mathew DePerno’s resolve to get answers (and largely succeeding) trapped him into it, until he finally decided to disregard the law in favor of the Democrats and RINO’s involved in defrauding the 2020 election. Sad.

Just remember the dismissal doesn’t erase any of the evidence submitted, the end being sought by the plaintiff was dismissed in this specific lawsuit. The evidence was not, and can be used in all sorts of creative ways, both to push for audits and potentially might for the basis of other lawsuits by other people, seeking relief on their own terms.

We are all Bill Bailey.

They stole our votes BUT the lawsuit in Antrim, Michigan gave us yet another way (perhaps several) to expose the theft of 2020. This is not going away.

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