Mike Lindell: Trump Won Maricopa County by 80,000 Votes

Mike Lindell on May 19th discusses what the margin of victory for Trump actually is when the fraud is accounted for, provided findings of the audit currently underway (resumed May 24th) validate the evidence he has custody of…


“Mike Lindell returns, says the audit will prove what he already knows: Trump won Maricopa County by 80,000 votes.”

When you hear about the Board of Supervisors in Maricopa County refusing to comply with the subpoena from state senate re: routers and passwords, I’m pretty sure that whatever is on the routers will confirm or debunk the evidence Mike Lindell on hand.

If you live in Arizona, pressure your state legislators to write out the arrest warrant to enforce the subpoena oh, they don’t quite have the spine for that yet but they need to pull the trigger and do it. The Board of Supervisors is not complying, has made it absolutely crystal clear that they have no intention of complying any further. It’s long past time to arrest them, tell the Arizona State Senate to do it.

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