Existing Treatments For Covid 19 Nullify Vaccine ‘Emergency Use’ Authorization

Ivory Hecker shared Can You Say ‘Ivermectin’ In The USA? on Facebook, July 5th…

If you skip to 16:43 in the interview, you get to the crux of the matter.  Hecker explains there why was this information was omitted from 1,639 of the 1,640 interviews Varon has given.  It’s simple: “If there was a successful treatment protocol for COVID, by law the emergency use authorization for the vaccines would be disallowed.”

Think about that: to obtain emergency use authorization for the vaccine, there couldn’t be an effective treatment for COVID. This basically means the vaccine would have been delayed by more trials. Or the rules could have been changed so that you could treat people effectively and allow the vaccine authorization.

I’ve questioned this lack of early treatment, and the denial of life-saving drugs, every time I’ve written on this subject.  (If you look at my archives on American Thinker, there are a good half-dozen articles going back to January about this.)  Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine are old drugs, no longer on patent.  You can successfully treat people using them, in combination with other vitamins, etc., without breaking the bank.

What’s been taken from all of us is the opportunity to make an informed choice.  These few facts would have changed the course of the pandemic.  Far fewer people would be dead.  Dread wouldn’t hang over us.

If we’d had open discourse, perhaps fewer people, especially younger ones of childbearing age and below, would opt to become guinea pigs for a vaccine that’s untried.  Although children don’t get very sick from COVID, if parents knew there was a treatment should things go wrong, parents would think more before they vaccinated their kids, or kept schools closed, or masked them.  If we knew there were successful and economical treatments that made the virus less of a threat, many decisions could have been made differently.

Our unwieldy bureaucracy, and the financial interests of the few, left this giant roadblock in place.  Bluntly speaking, allowing so many to die unnecessarily is mass murder by bureaucratic incompetence and the desire for personal enrichment.

Covid-19 is a joke, there are all sorts of treatments besides vaccination.

Worst part of the pandemic was the psyop element where MSM, Democrat officials & members of Congress, WHO, CDC, etc. played it up like it was going to be the end of the world. Also, emergency use authorization bypassing FDA approval is only legit if there are NO existing viable treatments for the outbreak in question, but there ARE.

Why do you think, despite pushing to get a vaccine, Trump still brought up hydroxychloroquine so early?

If that or anything else is a viable treatment, no longer NEED for an *emergency* vaccine. Imho Trump was playing the pharma companiesg give them a couple billion to develop it fast and take credit for the (warp) speed plus get them on the hook thinking they’ll make billions more…

Meanwhile he wouldn’t shut the fuck up about hydroxychloroquine or remdesever or the fact that if you catch covid you have immunity from it, almost like getting a vaccine, but… better. 😏

And if you care to think back, they tried their damnedest to shut him up about it. Even now they continue to pretend like it doesn’t exist, presumably cuz it’d undermine the 2nd wave of lockdown Dems look like they’re gearing up for.

Sure, maybe they out-foxed him toward the end and defied his attempts to shut the vaccine down through exposing medical facts that should’ve stopped it cold. It didn’t work but he DID try, even as he was pushing them to produce it.

They fought back via censorship, blacklisting, and suppression campaigns applied in social media, medical field, mainstream news networks, criminalizing FDA approved drugs (ref. Whitmer, MI)…

Short term their methods were effective. BUT just cuz they came out on top in that particular tussle doesn’t mean Trump was ever on their side, or that he and the pharma companies haven’t had any beefs before then.

Don’t forget guy dropped insulin prices like a sack of bricks – a policy immediately reversed when Biden gained control – and implimented policies requiring price transparency from hospitals/doctors.

He was working to abolish the monopolies enjoyed by insurance companies over our healthcare, and was stonewalled by Democrats, plus undermined/sabatoged by RINO’s.

Spent years negotiating, wheeling and dealing, laying the groundwork for, and finally implimenting the favored nation policy…

Breitbart News 👇 Nov. 20th, 2020

One of the rules implements what is known as a “most favored nation” approach that limits what Medicare pays for medications to the lowest price paid by other economically advanced countries. The administration says it could save $28 billion for Medicare beneficiaries through lower copays.

The other rule would require drug makers to push rebates and discounts directly on to Medicare patients rather than to insurers and middlemen pharmacy benefit managers.

“The drug companies don’t like me too much. But we had to do it,” Trump said in announcing the new policies at the White House. “I just hope they keep it. I hope they have the courage to keep it.”

The drug industry’s influential lobbyists are also expected to pressure Congress to reverse the rules through legislation.

The industry is considering “all options to stop this reckless attack on the companies working around the clock to beat COVID-19,” the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America said in a statement.

Trump came into office accusing pharmaceutical companies of “getting away with murder” and complaining that other countries whose governments set drug prices were taking advantage of Americans.

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