Styx: Twitter Promotes COVID Disinformation, Punishes Users Who Recognize Science

Styx re: the censorship and suppression of accurate information relating to wu flu and associated topics on Twitter, December 16th


“Yes, the vaccinated can spread COVID – and do so predominantly, at this time.”

When Dr. Robert Malone, creator of the mRNA technology used in most of the experimental covid drugs, was banned it was for contradicting the established narrative set by our government and enforced by corrupt corporations like WaPo, NY Times, CNN, Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter. Among others.

He’s one of the latest examples and hardly the last; on the upside, the views his sit down with Rogan got absolutely dwarf the amount of followers he lost, and you can find him on GETTR.

Suppressed, censored content re: him and others scrubbed from Facebook, YouTube, and other mainstream platforms can all be found on Rumble and many other new tech platforms.

The tide is turning and people are pushing back. Inch by inch…

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