Re: The Outage of Facebook, Instagram, And Other Platforms

Did they perhaps take those down themselves for “site maintenance” cuz they had a bunch of illegal algorithmic controls installed into the platform for election season and wanted to wipe those since they’ve got whistleblowers coming out putting them on blast?

With the backdrop of years of public outrage over their political bias and unfair treatment re: right wingers and the blatant participation by Mark Zuckerberg himself, both with his own money and with his platform, in directly helping to steal the election from Trump and we the people who voted for him, kind of makes one wonder, doesn’t it.

(Edit: though the “whistleblower” in this case seems to clearly be a left wing plant at this point, seeking to provide excuses for MORE censorship and suppression on social media, my speculation on Facebook having done it to themselves was dead on – whistleblower factors into it, just not as a true whistleblower.

Rather, she is further indication Zuckerberg was up to something he wanted people distracted from when the outages occured. – 10/8)

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