The AZ Senate INTENTIONALLY Watered Down The Audit Report!

Not to the point of it being useless, to be clear, but imo what Nick Moseder has to say about it and the angle and attitude he’s coming at it from is important, September 26th

Arizona isn’t over, we have to keep the heat on these Senators and the Attorney General. Nick does a great job of explaining why. They just tried – and FAILED – to screw us.

While I think we’re still okay in the process and how we can push them through it, Nick describes it in a way I think people need to hear to grasp how deliberate and snaky this was re: the AZ state senate, especially Fann… a) we the people saw what they did and b) it failed, the findings are still too damning to walk away from without prosecuting people.

Maybe they should take care not to be among those catching charges when we finally manage to get this past the finish line… Could they really be this nervous about exposing their colleagues, because it’s people they know… or are they nervous for reasons of their own…?

Sonny Borelli, Warren Peterson, and all the rest, even those who seem to be on our side need to hear from all of us, in every way possible.

On social media, their emails and office phone numbers, even in person if you live there. Rally at their offices, flood their phone lines, send them snail mail, tweets, posts, whatever you can spare time for; demand follow through – don’t trust, question continuously.

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