Conservative Daily: Report On Deletion Of Mesa County, Colorado 2020 Election Data

Joe Oltmann and Max McGuire talk with Jeff O’Donnell and others re: the forensic images of Dominion voting machines in Mesa county, CO, both before and after Dominion wiped the machines, October 11th

Jeffrey O’Donnell was brought in to examine the forensic images taken of voting machines in Mesa county; he has a 40+ year background in software and systems engineering, which includes intimate familiarity with the basic security procedures followed to maintain a given system’s integrity.

Concerning deleted files pertaining to the 2020 election, this is essentially the same kind of illegal, felonious activity uncovered in Maricopa, Arizona and definitively exposed by the full forensic audit conducted there. Even watered down, the publicized AZ results showcase multiple felonies committed in this regard – and others, though to draw further parallels between the two states we would need to conduct full forensic analysis of the paper ballots in CO.

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