Protect And Weaponize Your Ability To Speak

You don’t have to be banned on Facebook or Twitter to make an account on MeWe, GETTR, Minds, or Gab. You can do it preemptively, even if you don’t want to use the new accounts yet. And nothing is stopping you from making a website of your own for free.

In my experience WordPress is a solid hosting platform. And if you want to go the extra mile like I did, get rid of the ads at the bottom of each post for the benefit of readers, own your domain name, that ownership makes it your property, gives you full control of your content.

Kind of the initial reason I shelled out money of my own for this, also the reason I deeply appreciate any and all donations. Every dollar helps to maintain and expand from that fundamental, essential base line.

Every donation here helps me to protect my ability to speak openly and freely without being censored.

I might start offering some kind of exclusive content or access on Locals, still trying to catch up with the backlog of content already published here but once I’m caught up to present day content on that platform, maybe I’ll do an audio podcast just for paying subscribers.

Not sure.

Still thinking over possibilities.

It goes back to what I was talking about in that upload on free speech I posted a while back from my Bitchute channel.

Btw, whether it’s remarks like this or highlights of the news, politics, and cultural conflicts taking place consider subscribing (FREE) if you like what you see. Anyone generous enough to leave a tip in support can donate here. ✌🐸

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