Kinematic Report – Counterfiet Ballots, Dead Voters And Unfolded Mail-Ins

Gail Golec shares findings omitted from the Maricopa election audit, a report on kinematic artifact detection and paper analysis by Jovan Hutton Pulitzer, and what the implications are of a) the findings themselves, which conclusively prove fraud and noncompliance with statutes and laws on both a federal and state level, reinforcing the watered down findings as presented by Doug Logan and Ben Cotton, and b) rep.’s in Arizona (falsely?) claiming they never received the report, January 28th

Pulitzer says he sent it to the senate on September 22nd, 2021, two days before findings were publicly presented in the AZ state senate.

I’m inclined to believe him.

According to Gail when he sent it to “the senate” he presumably sent it to Karen Fann and Kory Langhofer… and that would explain why representatives like Kelly Townsend and Sonny Borrelli were claiming they never received it.

I’m a bit skeptical of them too though, frankly. I had a copy in early Jan cuz it was made available to the public at least that far back via Locals by Jovan Pulitzer.

Pretty sure he did that so these politicians couldn’t pretend they never got it, lol not convincingly…

And I find it hard to believe none of the legislators claiming to be on our side heard about it in the months since he released the info himself.

Even Gail seems to have only recently found out it existed apparently, so maybe people like me, paying for access to what Pulitzer shares, dropped the ball.

Maybe we should’ve been more aggressive, faster, in publicizing and spreading the info to the public.

Or maybe more folks should be paying attention to the players involved as events are unfolding, should maybe be making it a priority to seek out and get access to that information as it comes so they can actively participate in holding these public officials accountable.

Whatever the case, Gail Golec, myself, and others are working to remedy that. The report in question:

This is 80 pages of absolute forensic proof that Maricopa was stolen.

Read it and weep.

Andy’s stupid lil’ tweet aged… poorly.

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