Nick Moseder: FL Judge DECERTIFIES And OVERTURNS Town Election Results! WOW!

Nick Moseder re: a court ruling on allegations of fraud in a March, 2020 election in Orange County, FL between Marlin Daniels and incumbent Tarus Mack recently overturned the fraudulent re-election of Tarus and recognized Daniels as the rightful winner of that election, December 5th

Orlando Sentinel, May 7th, 2020: “After the polls closed on the evening of March 17, Daniels appeared to have ousted Mack by a razor thin margin before mail-in ballots were counted. But a recount by the Orange County Canvassing Board later showed Mack … with 269 votes to Daniels’ 268 votes. The canvassing board and Mack are both named as defendants in the lawsuit filed by Daniels. […]

Marlin Daniels, who works for the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition, also alleges in the suit that a large number of votes came from people using the same voter registration address and that their ballots were cast illegally. He also asserts that several mail-in ballots shouldn’t have been counted because signatures didn’t match. […]

Daniels is asking for the court to declare him as the seat winner or invalidate the election results and award any other relief that is just and necessary.”

WESH, October 29th, 2021: “A judge has ruled that one Eatonville town councilman must give up his seat because of election fraud. He issued a final judgment stating, in part, that Tarus Mack must vacate his seat on Eatonville town council and that his challenger in the March 2020 election – Marlin Daniels – is entitled to it.”

WKMG, December 7th, 2021: “Nearly 21 months after Marlin Daniels was informed he had lost the March 2020 election for an Eatonville town council seat by a single vote, Daniels has been sworn in to office for that very position.

An Orange County circuit judge overturned the results of that election in October and declared Daniels the winner after concluding … votes for Daniels’s political opponent were illegally cast. Daniels took the oath of office Tuesday surrounded by family, friends and supporters during a ceremony at Eatonville Town Hall. […]

Although Orange County judge Kevin Weiss issued a final judgment on Oct. 26 stating Daniels was entitled to the town council seat, Daniels claims he was blocked from taking office for more than a month as some Eatonville officials reportedly awaited further instruction from the judge. […]”

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