Jovan Pulitzer: First Three Books Of Kinematic Reports

Jovan Hutton Pulitzer talks about the kinematic artifact detection he innovated for the purpose of comprehensive forensic analysis of the paper ballots and shares a first look at volumes I, II, and III of the work he’s done relating to the audit in Maricopa, December 10th

The books are part of a 24 volume body of work containing all of the reports on kinematic artifact detection on ballots in Maricopa county, AZ, and much more beyond that which organizes, catalogues, and explains the evidence of massive election fraud and maladministration.

All of them have been or will be turned in to the Attorney General for his investigation into 2020.

Volume I is a scientific reader that explains how findings are obtained, not what the findings are – a tutorial on 40 years of proven science and disciplines and how they’ve been combined into the new field of kinematic artifact detection.

Volume II is the Maricopa Provisional Analysis, assessing each precinct within the county individually re: turnout rate, comparing # of registered voters to # votes cast, acceptance and rejection rates of ballots, and a number of other factors that can be looked at per precinct.

Volume III is the Maricopa Provisional Comparative Analysis, examining those same precincts within the county from the 2016 election and comparing it with analysis of the 2020 election.

His work, particularly in provisional analysis and in the accompanying visualization charts of it, incorporates methods employed by Seth Keshel to analyze registration trends over several years and even decades for the purpose of identifying likely fraud.

Pattern recognition techniques and statistical analysis developed and used by Bobby Piton to identify and detect phantom voters on the rolls of registered voters (and other elements of likely voter fraud) are also tied into the findings.

None of this material was presented by the state senate on September 24th, 2021 and it wasn’t meant to be.

It goes to the Attorney General first and, as I understand it, will be made available to the public when it’s no longer attached to an active and ongoing investigation.

Any material and information that can be shared sooner, and insights on the possible timeline for this to play out, is being made available on Jovan’s locals site and through people like Josh Barnett, Dave Jose, Gail Golec, Nick Moseder, Cannabis Conservative, George Behizy, and even lil’ old me working nonstop to cover and expose the truth and realities of the 2020 election.

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