Styx: CNN Has A Pedophile Problem They’ll NEVER Honestly Address

Styx re: the pedo problem CNN seems to have secretly had for years, perhaps decades, and their inability to cover it without a) downplaying pedophilia and minimizing the crimes committed by their employees or b) playing up what a monster he is and how surprised everyone supposedly is, highlighting that their network is infested with pedophiles operating right under their nose for years on end, December 12th

They can either attempt to avoid the taint by ignoring it as much as possible, though other networks and outlets won’t, or they can expose, play up, and condemn the rotten underbelly of their own workforce…

Whichever tactical choice they make will be at their own expense; and they did that to themselves. 😂

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5 thoughts on “Styx: CNN Has A Pedophile Problem They’ll NEVER Honestly Address

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