The MSM Narrative On Election Fraud In 2020 Has Been Absolutely Destroyed By Citizen Journalism

We’ve gained massive ground from where they wanted this to be.

The way Democrats, left wing oligarchs, and mainstream media wanted it was “safest, cleanest election ever, anyone who says otherwise must be deranged, crazy, even dangerous”. That was the narrative they tried to cement.

Way we have it NOW though, everybody KNOWS it was stolen, and the more people realize the scope and reality of it, the more pissed they’re getting.

It’s gaining momentum all this time later, not losing it. That’s thanks to the people who have been pushing to expose everything from day one AND haven’t stopped. That last part is key. We CAN’T stop if we ever want any form of accountability. Whether you believe it or not, we the people ARE the deciding factor – if we let it go, that’s on us.

They lost the fight on what people believe happened in 2020 but leveraging that awareness into results has been frustratingly slow. They’ve not stopped fighting, they refuse to give an inch no matter how many yards we take. They never give, they never budge, and they’re always working to claw back anything they lose along the way.

Winning matters and the only way to keep winning is to keep fighting.

That’s how we continue to see arrests (there have already been several), it’s how we keep the pressure on state legislators to decertify whether it happens tomorrow or two years into Trump’s 2nd term in 2026, reinstating him would’ve been nice, right, just… but it was never the fucking point.

Biden could be out of office for years and it wouldn’t matter.

These states MUST be made to decertify their 2020 results regardless, electoral college MUST somehow be made to nullify their certification, and it MUST be a matter of official record that the sold out fuck in the Oval got there by fraud.

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