Stealing Your Vote – What’s Next From Trump And How He WINS In 2024!

Christina Bobb joins David Whited of Flyover Conservatives to discuss the upcoming presidential election and how, even accounting for the realities and revelations of 2020, we can still prevail, April 8th

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2 thoughts on “Stealing Your Vote – What’s Next From Trump And How He WINS In 2024!

    1. Well they certainly have no reason not to try. But likewise, we have no reason not to try and stop them. Either 2020 set a new precedent, in which they can blatantly steal elections and it doesn’t even matter if we know they did it, in which case there’s not much else to say until such time as the 2nd Amendment comes more into play, or they went too far and we can leverage the level of exposure to exercise our free speech and persuade people who don’t believe are elections are being defrauded, that they are. I mean that’s in a lot of ways the whole point of the first amendment. I think, short of Civil War breaking out, we have an obligation to share information and to attempt to address these grievances through civil recourse. Only way to truly find out, in my view, is to fight it out leading up to 2024 as if our votes can still make a difference, because they might still be able to, fraud is not infallible or perfect, I firmly believe given what I found out in the last two or three years that a lot of this stuff was in play on a smaller scale in 2016, it’s a big part of why Clinton was so pissed and felt so cheated when Trump won, she paid off all the right people, she had all the right pieces in place, as far as she was concerned, she should have won and he must have done something along similar lines to her if he upset her chances. As it turns out, massive turnout can overcome fraud. They didn’t believe we could turn out that big, so they lost in 2016. They adjusted their thinking for 2020, they wanted to revenge, and to make a point. And now they think they’ll be able to do it again, because they got away with it in 2020. Feels a little bit like 2016 all over again to me though. They think they’ve got it in the bag, they think they’ve got our number. Only one way to find out, and that’s to a) keep exposing them, keep making our case to people who aren’t convinced and b) keep voting. For now. The outcome of 2024 will determine definitively whether or not 2020 was a trend setter, or something we can overcome, imo. And giving up on the whole process now, is only going to ensure that 2020 levels of fraud and fascism will be the new normal. In my honest opinion though, it can only become that if we let it. We can’t afford to just assume it’s not worth the effort, that they’ll beat us every time. That wasn’t true in 2016 and I aim to prove it’s just as untrue of 2024. If I’m wrong, then there’s no point to voting anymore, or talking, but the implications of reaching that point are so bad.. I’d rather try to avoid continuing along that trajectory, if at all possible. And if it’s not possible, if civil war breaks out nobody can pretend like we didn’t try (and exhaust) ALL manner civil recourse first. And really, shit is falling apart so rapidly, what can it hurt to try and give it one more go at elections. We know what they’re doing now, we can try to expose and mess up their efforts in real time, as they occur, and with the years-long string of allegations of election fraud continuing to grow, each passing day and every new trick they try and pull gives our claims more credibility. Increasing our odds of overcoming the shit they pull. None of which is possible without Trump, in my view. I have absolutely no interest in DeSantis, not only would he refuse to call out the fraud if they cheated him… if they didn’t feel the need to keep him out the same way they did Trump in 2020, that tells me everything I need to know about the guy right there. Says they think he can be herded, controlled, manipulated, managed. In other words, more of the same, back to the status quo. And that doesn’t work for me. It’s Trump or bust. My two cents anyways. ✌😁


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