Martin Shkreli’s FIRST Interview After Prison

Matt Kohr talks with Martin Shkreli, infamous pharma bro, in the wake of a sentence served and an industry still firing on all cylinders and actively engaged in the same kind of practices he was singled out and vilified for, July1st

Shocked and stoked to see this.
Guy’s a total asshole… 😂

Someone said it’s “sad there are people who raise your bile more than someone like Nancy Pelosi. Sadly, they do exist. Putting a microphone in this ghoul’s face cheapens the shit out of your channel…”

And I said, “doesn’t bother me at all compared to Pelosi or others like her.

He got prosecuted, went to prison.

Got zero complaints re: him given how politicians don’t go to down for their crimes; he did. He’s an asshole, sure, but I don’t hold his criminality against him, he was got, locked up.

I hold it against the unpunished.”

Oh and fyi, Matt half jokingly challenged Martin to a trading competition, who can turn $10k into  $20k faster, cuz he thinks he can get there faster with luck and karma than Martin can with skill, experience, and forethought.

Shkreli seemed stunned, then upped it to $25k instead of $10k, and Matt watched his braggadocios remarks turn into a real wager… by the end they agreed to see who can turn $50k into $100k faster.

Whether you hate the guy or not…

It’s worth watching imo and those talking shit at Matt for “giving him a platform” can shove it.

Shrekli could’ve taken an interview on MSNBC, CNN, even Fox News. Instead he opted for an independent podcaster. Douche was going to have a platform no matter what. And he chose this. Props to scumbag Shrekli for that, at least.

Glad he felt like giving Matt the sit down instead of a TRASH corporate network. He gives a fuck ton of insight gleaned from his time and experience in a fundamentally corrupt set of industries – pharma and insurance.

What people hate about him is actually just norms of those industries… and it’s way more honest to direct that negativity at insurance and pharma.

He’s simply an avatar of the culture in their circles, dumbly open about how he is, what he thinks…

It’s like Democrats saying the quiet part out loud when they admit they want gun confiscation, or higher gas prices to push “green” energy, or any number of things.

Maybe the biggest reason he got burned is cuz he was too flagrant, transparent about how shit really works in the world of the elites and mega corporations.

He did bad shit imo but he’s not wrong to point out that in the context of those industries he’s just doing his thing, part of the status quo, same as all the rest of his colleagues and peers.

It’s not what he did that should alarm people, it’s that his modus operandi before getting arrested is the same everyone else in the industry who, for whatever reasons, HAVEN’T been arrested in spite of the fact that how they conduct business is the same as how he was – hate him if you want, but…

He’s just a reflection of what we the people have sadly allowed our healthcare industry to become.

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