Severe COVID ‘Rare’ In Those Who Didn’t Get Experimental Covid 19 Vaccine, Survey Reveals

Alliance for Natural Health International, citing international data and findings re: the health condition of the unvaccinated across the globe, June 9th

An international survey […] shows participants place minimal burden on health systems through their strong reliance on natural immunity, self-care and the use of natural health supplements to help prevent or even treat COVID-19.

The survey of participants in the “Control Group” includes a sub-group from the over 300,000 participants from more than 175 countries who have joined the citizen-led project and opted to not receive COVID-19 vaccines.

The findings […] show that during the 5-month survey period (Sept. 2021 through to Feb. 2022 inclusive), participants suffered low rates of severe COVID-19 disease, were infrequently hospitalized, and used natural health products extensively both for prevention and for treatment of mild to moderate COVID-19.

Data from the first five months of the Control Group survey were analyzed and interpreted by an independent, international team led by Robert Verkerk Ph.D., a multi-disciplinary scientist and founder, executive and scientific director of the Alliance for Natural Health International.

Co-authors include practicing clinicians Dr. Naseeba Kathrada from South Africa, Christof Plothe D.O. from Germany and Dr. Katarina Lindley from the USA.

The authors came together to assess the survey data through collaboration in recent months with the World Council for Health, a non-profit, global coalition of health-focused organizations and civil society groups.

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