Re: Trump Calling The Virus A Hoax

Trump never said the coronavirus is a hoax; those who claim he did are blatantly lying. What he said was the behavior and encouragement of panic coming from Democrats was a hoax, and we should be realistic about this virus as it progresses.

He wasn’t calling the virus a hoax; that’s such a tired line already.

And the doomsday predictions were and are a hoax. In the news today, that scientist with the forecasting model who freaked everybody out is now saying he was way off, his model flawed, and it’s not going to be nearly as bad as he claimed.

Call it what you like. It’s a hoax.

Review – Hillary (Hulu Original)

I was kind of shocked to even learn of the existence of this before it was released, then ended up getting Hulu and decided to start watching.

The very idea of a failed presidential candidate like her, defeated and disgraced (she didn’t just lose, she lost badly, pompously acted like it was in the bag, then got egg on her face) is kind of sad.

Only thing I can figure is, she refuses to allow that huge, massive, gaping failure be the defining event of her life story. Doesn’t want that to be the end, the legacy she leaves.

I get that. I mean she’s one of the most successfully corrupt politicians in American history, but she’s still human. Problem is, a documentary recounting the whole experience isn’t likely to be strong enough to overshadow what really happened, nor is going over the loss yet again (e.g. looks behind the scenes, exclusive interviews, etc) going to help people forget she lost, or that the loss was epic. I’ll never forget.

It’s also possible the release date was set before the 2016 election was even over, as pro-Clinton propaganda to bolster her presumed re-election campaign in 2020. Her aim is probably the same either way. Reassert preferred narratives, rationalize failures…

Build a narrative counter to a legitimate Trump victory, obfuscate the reasons for her loss, pepper in excuses and rationalizations, ignore her own strategic failures and lack of stamina on the campaign trail, and reassert your place as one of the most awesomest public figures to ever grace United States politics.

Kinda what I’m expecting going into it anyways – about 20 minutes into the 1st episode and so far, that’s what I’m getting. And I don’t mean that as a knock either, at least not exclusively; based just on what little I’ve seen, it’s top-notch propaganda.

That said, until I’ve watched more that’s about all I have to say on it; these are just some of my thoughts going into it. I’m sure I’ll have more to say as I go and there are only four episodes, so whether I wrap this up in a “part 2” summarizing the whole season or go episode by episode in a 5 part review, expect more on this.

COVID-19 Vs. America’s Economy

To any Trump haters out there snickering about the negative economic effects we’re currently experiencing from the public’s over-reaction to the COVID-19 hype…

Tell me how it would have played out had Trump not rebuilt our economy and realigned our supply chains away from China before all this started to happen. You think we would have been in as good a shape as we are now without Trump?

If you think “yes”…

You need to think again.

J. Edgar Hoover Set The Precedent For How FBI Targeted Donald J. Trump

Was watching a portrayal of the infamous Kennedy family dynasty (The Kennedy’s, 2011) and I’m struck in the first few episodes by their rendition of J. Edgar Hoover.

How people on a mainstream level can acknowledge the guy operated the way he did for 30 years before JFK, tried turning that operation against the sitting president so he could keep running the FBI with an absolute lack of accountability…

How you can full well know that as a matter of historic fact, and be skeptical of the FBI doing essentially the same to Trump is mind boggling.

The only real difference between the two former FBI directors is, James Comey (unlike Hoover) was being puppeteered by other players, a willing pawn in their schemes.

Hoover didn’t seem to believe anyone truly out ranked him, he worked for himself – Comey took his cues from Obama and Clinton through Loretta Lynch. He worked with and for them; consequently, none of the wrongdoing or corruption he’s known to have engaged in (got him fired) can be separated from them imo.

Aside from handlers…

Comey violated privacy rights for corrupt purposes, tried (and re: Trump, failed) to collect blackmail material, and I think history is going to remember the FBI as run by James Comey as a pale, weak, failure prone imitation of the police state monstrosity run by Hoover.

Trump supporters like me already see it that way, and we’re pretty much just waiting for the rest of America to catch the fuck up.

Exposing Democrats: Then Vs. Now

…via The Daily Wire:

Anyone who’s still a Democrat should watch this, even if it doesn’t change your mind about your party, maybe it can help you understand why I changed mine. They’re liars, hypocrites, and everything I thought they stood for, they pay lip service to during elections… and then once in office, they proceed to do whatever they damn well please.

Whatever makes them the most money, whatever is the most politically beneficial to them.

Democrats & Commies

Democrats: let’s smear Trump as a Russian stooge. Also Democrats: let’s nominate a full blown communist who literally honeymooned in the USSR, and who explicitly agrees with the ideologies of guys like Joseph Stalin, Mao, and Fidel Castro.

The cognitive dissonance of it… lol you’d think shit like that’d give the snowflakes throbbing headaches.

Corporate Media Lies About Corona Virus Are Causing Actual Damage

Downgraded my cable plan a while back, going to cut it soon – the reason I bring that up is that I still have the Fox News channel, but not Fox Business, so I watched Maria Bartiromo’s ‘Sunday Morning Futures’ (Mar. 1) on YouTube.

She’s actually one of my favorite reporters, one of the few left that seems to care more about accuracy than a political agenda, so I was especially disgusted when she opened by telling the audience to brace themselves for an explosion of new corona virus cases in America.

I mean tell me, what kind of fear-mongering bullshit is that? She had Mike Pence on shortly after the show began, and the line of questions continued to disgust me, the underlying presumption of all of them being that the Trump administration has somehow dropped the ball on this; they’re actively pushing that narrative.

This is why you can’t even trust so-called right-wing news to be true, accurate, or even as right wing as lefties accuse them of being: they’re a corporation. She questioned him on the testing, he pushed back, she pushed more & said “the 500!?”, implication obviously being that it isn’t a whole lot of testing… and he hit her with a solid right hook, explaining that we’ve screened 47,000 people so far, and counting.

So people acting like the Trump administration isn’t doing its job on this issue are simply full of shit.

That’s not to say I won’t or don’t watch Fox News, or that I hold it against Bartiromo when she puts Pence’s feet to the fire on several fronts on the response to corona, the argument could be made she’s going at him so hard so Pence can take the worst of the criticisms from Democrats head-on in a non-hostile setting… but with how seriously she seemed to take the concerns as she voiced the questions, and especially with the intro to the show, she serves the establishment agenda of rattling markets worldwide.

There’s no real reason for some of the sell-offs they’ve had going on for the past few days – unless you listen to Nancy Pelosi saying Trump is handling the outbreak terribly, or Schumer claiming Trump isn’t asking for enough money to deal with it, or Maria Bartiromo warning of an explosion of new cases, pushing claims the administration isn’t even bothering to test people… but none of it is actually true.

And though I’m not a financial “expert” and you shouldn’t consider this to be “qualified” advice (I’m not liable for your investments), sure seems to me that since the stock market is in the midst of a dip, now is prbly a great time to buy stocks.

(Edit: I wrote this yesterday, markets have already made huge come back.)

Born Alive & Pain Capable Bills Widely Supported By GOP (Not Just Pro Lifers)

They’re also both backed by pro-choicers like me – neither actually threatens or takes away choice. Only real opposition these bills have is from pro-abortionist Democrats.

All these bills do is acknowledge the scientific advances made, using them to more clearly and objectively define the timeframe in which the choice can and should be made.

Unless there’s an unforseen medical emergency requiring abortion to save the mother, there’s really no good reason to get a late term abortion. 5 fucking months… that’s plenty of time to make a decision.

Libertarians & Independents

Got a few beliefs that divert from “traditional conservatism”? Whoop-di-fucking-do. So do I. In the Republican party as it exists now, we allow for diversity of thought, differences of opinion, and we encourage competing ideas.

Not checking off all the boxes on your list of preconceived notions of what a Republican is doesn’t mean there’s no place for you in the party, or that you can’t carve one out.

Quit kidding yourselves and just sign up with the GOP already.

Exercise your free speech, declare your views, and with any that diverge from “traditional” GOP positions (e.g. gay marriage, pot legalization, pro choice, etc.), use them to distinguish yourself as a Republican who exists in defiance of the stereotypes put on your party.

Be a Republican with these views, set the example, and help me continue to reshape, redefine, and expand what the GOP stands for.

It’s a fuck of a lot better use of your time than trying to make a useless party of failure (Libertarian) into a useful conduit for the will of the people. Can’t be that when it never wins anything, when it can’t even make a dent on the state level, nevermind nationally.

Instead of that, think about joining a party that actually matters, and bring what matters to you to the table as a member of it, force it to incorporate or coexist peaceably with the likes if you. That’s how you effect real change; pragmatism, effective policies, tangible results.

Everything you believe in as an Independent or fight for as a Libertarian, you can believe and fight for as a Republican. Fact.

The Day Kobe Bryant Died…

It was a pretty trippy day when this happened, first thing I saw that morning was coverage about the crash. Some of the news was decent, covered several angles of his career, reported on other victims, stayed respectful… and some of it wasn’t.

CBS caused some drama between Gayle King and Snoop Dog; the network decided to air an out of context clip from an interview Bryant had done with her.

It was a wide ranging interview, but they cherry picked a small sound bite on the rape allegations and played that by itself, like the same day he and his daughter both died.

Gayle went on social media to explain her side of it, saying that the network didn’t tell her they were going to play it, and that she didn’t understand why they played it out of context like that when the interview was so much longer and covered so many other topics.

Imo the only mistake Snoop Dogg made with his threatening “step off” reaction video was in directing his words toward Gayle King.

Frankly, I get where he was coming from, CBS pulled that shit before he or his daughter were even buried; classless fucking muckrakers.