Armstrong: Yes, Trump CAN Be Reinstated In August or After

Sydney Powell made public statements last week asserting that Donald Trump can in fact be reinstated as President of the United States – her remarks echoed Mike Lindell’s and were disputed aggressively by Jenna Ellis. I tend to agree with Powell – Ben Armstrong offered his own take, June 3rd

Thought I’d share here, especially since he points out an angle to this re: how important grassroots involvement and citizen press is. PR matters, public awareness matters, and corporate media companies aren’t going to do that for us.

And re: the rest…

People who don’t want it to be thought possible keep saying there’s no precedent; one, they’re flat out wrong, and two, precedent or lack thereof doesn’t determine whether something is constitutional, legal, moral, or possible.

Granted the odds are slim and we might really have to push this fight forward into 2024 but only if we fail to break through the corruption and stonewalling, the games and the propaganda.

Inch by inch I believe taking back the White House before then is doable, but as Armstrong points out public awareness, political spine, and active campaigning on the grassroots level are essential.

Failing that, everything we continue to expose and verify as we attempt it will put us in a stronger position for 2024.

No matter how you cut it election integrity is critical, increasing public awareness (e.g. like we do for cancer) is an absolute must, and retribution is non-negotiable. It’s not a question of whether there’ll be repercussions – just when, and what form it takes. One way or another…

They’re going to pay. To me, at this point they should be hoping he gets back in – with the level of exposure already reached re: theft of 2020, can’t and won’t go unanswered.

So will we see a course correction from the corrupt legislative and judiciary branches of government, or will they push us closer to others means of relief or redress?

Hope for the former.

Be ready for the latter.

Can Social Media Platforms Ignore Our Rights Cuz They’re Privately Owned?

No, they can’t. The answer should be obvious, especially in a court of law.

Imo bus lines are comparable.

Those are run by private companies a lot of the time too, yet they’re no longer allowed to seat people at the back of the bus for being black. Did for a while, just like these social media companies are doing selectively censoring and suppressing certain people for “bad” opinions, values they don’t like…

Sure bus lines violated equal rights in more blatant, obvious ways (under laws passed by Democrats), but just because what the social media companies are doing is subtle doesn’t mean it’s not a violation of 1st amendment rights every time they censor or suppress someone.

With buses, schools, etc. those bullshit segregation laws and the subsequent legalized racism in the private market flourished before eroding under the force of America’s conscience, before people fully realized how sinister and wrong the shit was that they’d come to accept as normal, commonplace.

Having become aware culturally, across society, of the inherent injustices therein the American public warred with and destroyed the ideological infrastructure and corruption they’d come to recognize was supporting truly systemic racism.

They did so by discerning (after decades of blindness) where and how it conflicted with our values as a nation. I.e. the Constitution finally caught up with the bullshit laws that allowed for it.

Same can happen with these social media companies, but it demands a certain level of public awareness that’s what’s happening and why it’s wrong.

People need to grasp who it’s affecting and why. Just cuz it’s not racism doesn’t mean it’s not a violation of constitutional rights to do what they’re doing.

There’s a reason so many people in the corporate news world and social media industry try to confuse this issue, if we all realized how simple and straightforward all of it is, and always was, the jig is up.

As awareness of what they’re doing grows they’ll have to decide: either stop what they’re doing or burn. Reality is, the fire has already been smoldering for the better part of a decade. Bound to reach a flash point… tick tock. ⏰

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Absolute Proof – Exposing Election Fraud & The Theft of America

Mike Lindell‘s first in a series of documentary-style presentations summarizing evidence of foreign election interference via hacking, Feb. 5th

I would recommend cross-checking the claims here against claims/evidence of other (likely related) aspects of election fraud thatcve been continuously and increasingly substantiated all across the country over the last few months.

States and timeline to research: Arizona, Michigan, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Wisconsin, and New Mexico from November 4th to present day. Beyond the disputed states, several notable developments (arrests, prosecutions, convictions) in California and Texas + NH audit are also worth researching and referencing re: the allegations made in Absolute Proof and subsequent material released by Lindell.

I’m not asking you to take my word on anything, or his, I’m sharing information, suggesting a few points of reference to compare, contrast, and cross-check against and putting it on you to make up your own mind about what you think.

As always.

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Disclose TV: Outbreak Of Bird Flu In China – Here We Go Again

Disclose TV re: bird flu, June 1st…

On a related note, re: “new” revelations on the origins and outbreak of Covid 19

Something for China to keep in mind when Trump gets back into the oval office, whether it’s through exposure of the fraud that got Joe Biden there or through using the information exposed to take the White House back in 2024.

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Re: Chris Cuomo Involvement In Top Level Strategy Calls With NY’s Governor…

Anyone think the participation was one way? Ya think Andrew Cuomo didn’t participate in top-level strategy calls on what media coverage would be regarding covid, elderly care facility deaths, Trump wins, New York crime rates, etc…? ✌🐸

Think other Democrats in positions of power throughout our government don’t do the same thing with their brothers and sisters, cousins and friends, or even well meaning fans and supporters?

What do you think you’ve been seeing happen these last few years with the uncanny synchronicity Democrats and mainstream media corporations always seem to be operating with? Collusion.

Contrary to the naive assertions made by Dawsey and Ellison, I think this has been the norm for last few decades. The age of the internet, and a besieged right to speak freely, has led to a fairly recent and growing awareness of that sad fact.

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Where’s Our Highspeed Railway? Where’s Our Money? Anybody…?

Scott Weiner (D-CA) shared an article justifying the never ending money pit of a would be high-speed rail cuz of “jobs, climate change, and justice” he wrote for the S.F. Chronicle back in March.

My question is… how the fuck do these clowns manage to suck up THAT many billions in taxpayer money from state residents and billions from the federal government, years ago now, and there’s still NO high-speed railway. Anywhere.

Where’s that money at? And why do so few people care that they’re literally just jacking your money right in front of you for projects they’re not even bothering to do for real? If you think they’re really building it, tell me how many years it’s been (over 10), and tell me how much railway we have (none). 🐸 Stretches of it supposedly “under construction” have been that for years, never finished, structures erected are non-functional, connected to nothing, and no trains running. For all our money: nothing.

Someone besides just a little old me needs to be asking Gavin Newsom where the fuck that money is, needs to be asking Jerry Brown the same, needs to be asking members of the state legislature who have held positions in our state government over the last 10-15 years.

They probably know. 💰

Antrim County, MI – Forensics Report

A lawsuit filed in November 2020 by Bill Bailey led to the forensic examination of dominion voting machines on the basis of mysterious “vote flipping” on the night of and morning after election day; state and county officials assert the flips were due to human error. The forensic report directly contradicts that. And though Jocelyn Benson, Gretchen Whitmer and others have actively worked to discredit the cyber security firm that conducted the audit (a full blown forensic analysis) the facts of the report remain standing.

The smears against the firm that produced this report are easily debunked so maybe I’ll spend some time doing that in the near future. In the meantime feel free to read through their findings. ☝🐸

Secretary of State Benson initially blocked release to the public under her authority as a state official. Her gag order was reversed by a court ruling a week later. They tried to prevent having an audit EVERY step of the way then tried and failed to suppress the results when we finally got one. Anytime someone says “there’s no evidence” show them this.

Sources: DePerno Law Office / Documents on Antrim County and Dominion Voter System

Re: Beijing Biden’s Open Border Bullshit – Surges, Trafficking & Reversals

Lefties need to stop being so outraged and thoughtless about the assanine, hypocritical policies of the Harris/Biden admin, and start thinking about why. Yes they could and can do what progressives wants, and no, they’re not going to. So knowing that, what’s their reasoning?

Maybe they’ll start to realize the same thing is true of all the other broken promises on all other issues and ask themselves why. Why, if these politicians know what happens when they do what they do, if they know the negative consequences associated with their policies, decisions, and ideas in action…

Why do they keep doing it? The answer might just go to show that anyone who has supported them at ANY point, whether as a communist or a capitalist, was a fucking dupe for doing so.

Me included.

Democrats are sneaky, fascistic cons.

🎫🎆 ✌🐸👌 🎪🎈

#QAnons Aren’t Your Enemies – Don’t Help Democrats & RINO’s Peddle Smears

I may not exactly be into Q as much as the actual anons who follow closely and believe it all but I’m aware of it and don’t have anything against people who want to believe. I’m a skeptic by nature, but I’m failing to see how anything about QAnons hurt our movement.

That’s a lie being pushed by Democrats and RINO’s right now about them, and sure some of them might be a little out there but they all have the right to believe what they want, a lot of them have good reasons to believe what they do even if they may have reached what you consider to be incorrect conclusions.

Imo none of what they’re into prevents them from engaging in activism or getting out to vote; they didn’t cost us ANYTHING on Election Day – wish people would quit acting like they did.

And if you think “well they make us look crazy to other people” a) those people have minds of their own and they need to start using them, b) the playing field is level, if you’re worried about looking like a nutter or somebody calls you crazy just remember they’re the ones who still to this day push the debunked Russia hoax.

They’re the ones who accused US of believing they’re all part of a satanic death cult 😂, they’re the ones who think Trump is the new Hitler (that’s Biden); they’re the ones who believe the 45th president actually told people to inject bleach into their arms to treat covid, they’re the ones who to this day won’t stop hiding/tripping from a bad flu.

When someone calls you crazy, whether you care should maybe depend on how crazy THEY are. I.e. if a Democrat calls you crazy, just laugh in their face. 😜👌