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You don’t have to be banned on Facebook or Twitter to make an account on MeWe, GETTR, Minds, or Gab. You can do it preemptively, even if you don’t want to use the new accounts yet. And nothing is stopping you from making a website of your own for free.

In my experience WordPress is a solid hosting platform. And if you want to go the extra mile like I did, get rid of the ads at the bottom of each post for the benefit of readers, own your domain name, that ownership makes it your property, gives you full control of your content.

Kind of the initial reason I shelled out money of my own for this, also the reason I deeply appreciate any and all donations. Every dollar helps to maintain and expand from that fundamental, essential base line.

Every donation here helps me to protect my ability to speak openly and freely without being censored.

I might start offering some kind of exclusive content or access on Locals, still trying to catch up with the backlog of content already published here but once I’m caught up to present day content on that platform, maybe I’ll do an audio podcast just for paying subscribers.

Not sure.

Still thinking over possibilities.

It goes back to what I was talking about in that upload on free speech I posted a while back from my Bitchute channel.

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Re: Vax Exemptions

There’s a whole chunk of our movement exploring the options and finer points of using religious beliefs or whatever else for exemptions from vaccine mandates, that misses the boat though.

You’re playing their game if you’re helping to build work arounds within the system of authority they’re building, don’t work around it like it’s something that’ll be there no matter what you do, attack it like the Southwest Airline employees did. They just won.

No mandate for that airline.

You don’t have to come up with a reason for exemption and if you think you do, you’re getting tricked into going along with it. I can’t play the hem haw games lol, I can’t pretend to have a special reason when I shouldn’t need one. I say no, I don’t want it, that’s all the reason I need. I’m exempt. Anyone wants to fight me over it, I’m down for that.

I get where people are coming from who want to sidestep attacking the mandate outright by having an exemption, but my position is you don’t need exemption, they don’t have the authority to do what they’re doing. I’m not going to play their game by finding work arounds, I’m going to smash the illusion of that authority.

I’m not going to pretend to have a faith I don’t have, or a condition I don’t have, I’m just going to say no.

It’s kind of like when California first legalized medical weed only, and not recreational, I thought that was disgusting because I knew just as well as everybody else that half or more of the medical marijuana users were recreational users.

Stoners were happy because they could get a card, and all the sudden something that was illegal had no risk for them BUT why the fuck should you have to lie?

Why pass a set of laws meant to be ignored and abused when you could just do it right the first time and make the laws match reality?

I.e. Why not just legalize it all the way? We eventually did end up doing that, btw.

With more sense, we could have skipped ahead to full legalization right away, and that’s what I argue we do in fighting against these vaccine mandates.

Don’t encourage people to come up with dishonest reasons so they can work within the corrupt system being built up around them, instead encourage them to undermine, erode, and destroy that authoritarian system of compliance with honesty and a middle finger.

Hide behind religion if circumstances dictate you absolutely must, hide behind whatever other reason and play their game, but recognize that you’re playing their game all the same, basically acting as controlled opposition to them, and it’s not going to work, you need to break the compliance pattern they’re creating cuz compliance is the whole point.

If you come up with and use little workarounds to exist within that system, you might think you’re defying it but you’re just becoming a part of it.

Mike (Breaking Bad): “The moral of the story is: I chose a half-measure when I should have gone all the way. I’ll never make that mistake again. No more half-measures, Walter.”

Also, from Bill the Butcher
(Gangs Of New York): “I know your works. You are neither cold nor hot. So because you are lukewarm, I will spew you out of my mouth. You can build your filthy world without me.”

Now granted, Bill the Butcher was the kind of rabid nativist left wing nuts accuse people like me of being; that’s Democrat projection though.

I’m not self-conscious about quoting him cuz I’m keenly aware of how different I am and confident in how obvious those differences are to anyone who cares to look – despite what my political opposition claims.

Just cuz he had a good line about halfassedness, compromising your beliefs, and having integrity, doesn’t mean I agree with what his overall beliefs were or what he stood for.

Still makes a good point so I’m going to quote him here; same as why we have statues of confederate soldiers, of former slave owners, and all the rest – you don’t have to be in 100% agreement with somebody to learn from them, or to be able to identify the little of what they got right among all the shit they get wrong.

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Re: The Outage of Facebook, Instagram, And Other Platforms

Did they perhaps take those down themselves for “site maintenance” cuz they had a bunch of illegal algorithmic controls installed into the platform for election season and wanted to wipe those since they’ve got whistleblowers coming out putting them on blast?

With the backdrop of years of public outrage over their political bias and unfair treatment re: right wingers and the blatant participation by Mark Zuckerberg himself, both with his own money and with his platform, in directly helping to steal the election from Trump and we the people who voted for him, kind of makes one wonder, doesn’t it.

(Edit: though the “whistleblower” in this case seems to clearly be a left wing plant at this point, seeking to provide excuses for MORE censorship and suppression on social media, my speculation on Facebook having done it to themselves was dead on – whistleblower factors into it, just not as a true whistleblower.

Rather, she is further indication Zuckerberg was up to something he wanted people distracted from when the outages occured. – 10/8)

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Democrats NEVER Really Believed 2016 Was Stolen – Think!

Does it really not occur to anybody on the left that if Hillary Clinton had truly believed that Donald Trump colluded with the Russians to cheat the way WE are saying Biden colluded with the Chinese, he would’ve needed on the ground support state by state, ballot stuffing to correlate with the vote flipping state by state, and to expose it to the public they’d have moved to do state by state audits in the wake of the fraud, just as we are. NEVER did.

Instead they played bullshit shell games with supposedly classified information, asked you to trust known liars within their own party, primarily Adam Schiff, AND got you to go along with it even after everything was declassified and it proved Democrats were lying… 😂👌

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CNN: Prosecutors Charge Trump Organization…

Writers at CNN, July 1st

All told, the indictment alleges, Weisselberg evaded taxes on $1.76 million in income over a period beginning in 2005 and concealed for years that he was a resident of NY City, thereby avoiding paying city income taxes. Prosecutors alleged he evaded a total of more than $900,000 in federal, state and city taxes during this period, and received a total of $133,124 in state tax refunds ‘which he was not entitled.’

So let me get this straight… since 2005 until pretty much present day, this guy may not have paid roughly $900,000 on 1.76 mill., meaning his alleged crime is that he didn’t pay a 52 percent tax rate!? I wasn’t aware the law required him to. And even if it does, seems like a pretty fucking criminal law, gives true meaning to the expression ‘taxation is theft’…

Snowflakes are all excited 😂, one of them on Facebook said it was good news, so I asked… “you mean like Manafort getting charged? Or Michael Cohen claiming he was going to flip on Trump, but then having nothing? Or maybe you mean like Roger Stone, who was raided, arrested, and who never HAD anything to flip on Trump with. Someone please tell me, why do ANY lefties think THIS is going to play out any differently?”

It’s a witch hunt.

There’s no crime to prosecute.

Pretending like what amounts to a small clerical error (or a slight fudge) is somehow the crime of the century or that it could somehow bring down Donald Trump himself 😂 gimme a break.

It’s pretty clear they’re seeking leverage over Trump, but it’s beyond him now.

We’re not going to shut up about election fraud until we get our Audits in every disputed State, and then some. And if we don’t get them, the unanswered questions they would have resolved will remain unanswered and fester.

What do you think happens when a) people want a change in how the gov is operating, b) voting is the way to change it without violence, and c) voting rights have effectively been nullified…?

Add a + b + c.

Maybe they’d go after him less if they realized, going after Trump won’t save Joe Biden from the American people they stole it from, nor will it protect any of the others who helped steal the election. Anything they do to him now, that’s just going to make it worse when all this shit starts catching up with ’em…

Then again, the new budget for “domestic terrorism” the DOJ is touting coupled with the creepy as fuck encouragement from Facebook to most users about exposure to extremism and snitching on friends and family might just show that the Democrats are realizing, can’t stop what’s coming by stopping Trump. It’s too late for that.

He was the spark. We are the fire.

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Rap Battle Review – Mac Lethal 💥Versus💥 Tom MacDonald

Uploaded on July 2nd, 2019…

It started on twitter, and then…

Tom MacDonald – Lethal Injection

Mac Lethal – Straight White Female

Tom MacDonald – Mac Lethal Sucks

Way I’d put it, it went from words on the ‘net to legit artistic warfare when Tom pulled the trigger (L.I.), and Mac clapped back (SWF) but didn’t hit the mark. No hope of making up for it either cuz Tom’s response to the return fire was to drop a fucking M.O.A.B (MLS); shredded Mac.

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Updates Re: Election 2020 Audits Incoming…

I know everybody’s jonesing for an update on the Arizona audit so I’ve got some material queued up relating to that; should keep your eye out over the rest next day or two here, if interested.

Also a lot of other shit going on too so I’ll be highlighting a bunch of that along with AZ updates – including movement in the last few days re: the push to get a full forensic audit in Fulton County, GA.

Given what people in the state senate and those involved directly with the audit are saying, the buzz about preliminary results being publicized on Monday of this week didn’t originate from the auditors.

Best I can figure it mostly came from Jim Hoft of the Gateway pundit, and you know what, I don’t blame him a bit.

We need to keep the pressure on the state senate, they’ve only gone this far our way because of pressure from citizens – we’re pitting them against their own colleagues though and they don’t all want to do what they know they have to.

So I don’t blame Hoft for trying to create the expectation of some info being made public by now, people should expect that imo, and the state senate should cough up the info as soon as they can. We supported, pushed for, and helped to make these audits happen so we could get answers, not so we can be strung along for months on end.

They can worry about timing for this reason or that, but if they insist on dragging it out for any reason they’ll have to do so under mounting pressure.

With me for example, I still support them 100%, especially when it concerns dealing with bullshit media coverage or lies from the opposition. But it’s for that very reason that I won’t have them stringing me along or BSing me.

So trust and believe I’ll be lacing the highlights here with updates about what is (or isn’t) going on in Maricopa pretty heavily until we start to get the answers this audit is meant to give us.

Way I look at it…

I have a vested interest – we all do.

In the meantime feel free to raise any questions or concerns. I don’t have an inside track and I’m no one special, but I’ve been on this since the night of Nov 3rd into the morning of Nov 4th.

Over 7 months, I’ve been on top of this, every angle, every state, every player, so though I can’t hope to capture all the info that’s gone into my head between then and now, nor even the info I managed to vet and churn out on various social media platforms as I went, I might just know something you don’t.

And if it’s ever the reverse – if you know something I don’t, or spot an inaccuracy in something I think I know… always happy to hear it. I try to be sure anything posted here has been checked for accuracy thoroughly before I share, but I leave that up to my own judgment.

And I’m not infallible.

Just be forewarned there’s a culture war on and I’m often in the mode to match, so if you comment to tell me I’m wrong mind your manners, or I’ll forget mine. 😉

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Armstrong: Yes, Trump CAN Be Reinstated In August or After

Sydney Powell made public statements last week asserting that Donald Trump can in fact be reinstated as President of the United States – her remarks echoed Mike Lindell’s and were disputed aggressively by Jenna Ellis. I tend to agree with Powell – Ben Armstrong offered his own take, June 3rd

Thought I’d share here, especially since he points out an angle to this re: how important grassroots involvement and citizen press is. PR matters, public awareness matters, and corporate media companies aren’t going to do that for us.

And re: the rest…

People who don’t want it to be thought possible keep saying there’s no precedent; one, they’re flat out wrong, and two, precedent or lack thereof doesn’t determine whether something is constitutional, legal, moral, or possible.

Granted the odds are slim and we might really have to push this fight forward into 2024 but only if we fail to break through the corruption and stonewalling, the games and the propaganda.

Inch by inch I believe taking back the White House before then is doable, but as Armstrong points out public awareness, political spine, and active campaigning on the grassroots level are essential.

Failing that, everything we continue to expose and verify as we attempt it will put us in a stronger position for 2024.

No matter how you cut it election integrity is critical, increasing public awareness (e.g. like we do for cancer) is an absolute must, and retribution is non-negotiable. It’s not a question of whether there’ll be repercussions – just when, and what form it takes. One way or another…

They’re going to pay. To me, at this point they should be hoping he gets back in – with the level of exposure already reached re: theft of 2020, can’t and won’t go unanswered.

So will we see a course correction from the corrupt legislative and judiciary branches of government, or will they push us closer to others means of relief or redress?

Hope for the former.

Be ready for the latter.

Can Social Media Platforms Ignore Our Rights Cuz They’re Privately Owned?

No, they can’t. The answer should be obvious, especially in a court of law.

Imo bus lines are comparable.

Those are run by private companies a lot of the time too, yet they’re no longer allowed to seat people at the back of the bus for being black. Did for a while, just like these social media companies are doing selectively censoring and suppressing certain people for “bad” opinions, values they don’t like…

Sure bus lines violated equal rights in more blatant, obvious ways (under laws passed by Democrats), but just because what the social media companies are doing is subtle doesn’t mean it’s not a violation of 1st amendment rights every time they censor or suppress someone.

With buses, schools, etc. those bullshit segregation laws and the subsequent legalized racism in the private market flourished before eroding under the force of America’s conscience, before people fully realized how sinister and wrong the shit was that they’d come to accept as normal, commonplace.

Having become aware culturally, across society, of the inherent injustices therein the American public warred with and destroyed the ideological infrastructure and corruption they’d come to recognize was supporting truly systemic racism.

They did so by discerning (after decades of blindness) where and how it conflicted with our values as a nation. I.e. the Constitution finally caught up with the bullshit laws that allowed for it.

Same can happen with these social media companies, but it demands a certain level of public awareness that’s what’s happening and why it’s wrong.

People need to grasp who it’s affecting and why. Just cuz it’s not racism doesn’t mean it’s not a violation of constitutional rights to do what they’re doing.

There’s a reason so many people in the corporate news world and social media industry try to confuse this issue, if we all realized how simple and straightforward all of it is, and always was, the jig is up.

As awareness of what they’re doing grows they’ll have to decide: either stop what they’re doing or burn. Reality is, the fire has already been smoldering for the better part of a decade. Bound to reach a flash point… tick tock. ⏰

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